If not now, when? When you lose 10 kilos, or when the weather’s different to whatever it is now? We all give ourselves different lofty end goals for when we’ll get around to booking that portrait session you’ve been wanting. The reality is those end goals seems to be just out of reach, and those beautiful photos you dream of having for your wall get put off year after year.

Think of it in this way. At the end of your life your loved ones are given a book, and in that book is a recollection of all your favourite memories together, all those special moments shared that they can turn to when they miss you most. What would you want to accompany the stories in your book- low quality cellphone snapshots or something more artistic that added to the stories in your book, your stories. Even more, what photo would you like for the cover as the best representation of you? As scary, and perhaps morbid, a thought it may be now, it’s a thought that will become a reality for each of us one day: what are you going to leave behind for the people who cherish you most and how do you want to be remembered.

Each day you live, each obstacle you conquer, each person you grow to love, each memory you make, all are woven together to create a story that is unique to you, and one day it’ll be through the photos you leave behind that your story will be relived and remembered for your partner, your children, your family and your friends.

When you choose to book a professional photographer to add some of the visuals to your story, it’s more than just adding some pretty pictures; it’s about noticing that your story and the story of your loved ones has value and is worth investing in. It’s about trusting an outsider to see your story in a totally different light and show it from an angle you haven’t seen before, and in high quality photos that are well composed and lit.

You and your story are more than a few snapshots on an old device forgotten in a draw, you are a work of art and your story deserves to be beautifully told in an artwork, not eventually but today.