Your Wedding Timeline

  • 30-45 minutes: Coverage typically starts with the partner with the least details and who doesn’t mind getting ready first. This includes detail shots of their wardrobe and accessories, getting dressed photos and a few portraits.

  • 30-45 minutes: Next is the partner who needs the most attention to detail. This includes detail shots of their wardrobe and accessories, getting dressed photos and a few portraits.

  • 15-20 minutes: After each partner getting ready and before the ceremony is the best time to capture detail and decor photos of the reception.

  • 15-20 minutes: Just before the ceremony I’ll capture the ceremony decor and guests arriving.

  • 30-45 minutes: Ceremony time! It’s time to capture you walking down the aisle and saying ‘I do.’

  • 10-15 minutes: After your grand exit it’s time to hugs and congratulations from your friends and family.

  • 15-20 minutes: Family and group photos are best done directly after the ceremony and how long it takes depends on how many groups you want photos of.

  • 45-60 minutes: It’s finally your time to shine with couples portraits, plus a few more individual portraits.

  • Reception: the trick to getting the most time out of your package for reception events, is to schedule all the important moments you want captured so that they’re back to back on your schedule.

Typical Timelines

Having photographed over 60 weddings, it’s safe to say that there are a few norms as to how a wedding day flows. The following are typical timelines for popular ceremony times, just to give you an idea on how to plan your schedule for the day and which package would be best for you depending on what you want covered on the day.

3pm ceremony

  • 12h45 – Groom styled details 
  • 13h00 – Groom gets dressed 
  • 13h15 – Groom portraits
  • 13h30 – Bride styled details 
  • 13h40 – Bride gets dressed
  • 14h00 – Bride portraits
  • 14h15 – Reception Decor
  • 14h30 – Ceremony Decor
  • 14h45 – Guests arriving
  • 15h00 – Ceremony
  • 15h45 – Grand Exit
  • 16h00 – Group Portraits
  • 16h20 – Couples Portraits
  • 17h30 – Reception begins

3:30pm ceremony

  • 13h00 – Groom styled details 
  • 13h10 – Groom gets dressed 
  • 13h30 – Groom portraits
  • 13h45 – Bride styled details 
  • 14h00 – Bride gets dressed
  • 14h20 – Bride portraits
  • 14h40 – Reception Decor
  • 15h00 – Ceremony Decor
  • 15h15 – Guests arriving
  • 15h30 – Ceremony
  • 16h15 – Grand Exit
  • 16h30 – Group Portraits
  • 16h50 – Couples Portraits
  • 18h00 – Reception begins

4pm ceremony

  • 13h30 – Groom styled details 
  • 13h45 – Groom gets dressed 
  • 14h00 – Groom portraits
  • 14h15 – Bride styled details 
  • 14h30 – Bride gets dressed
  • 14h50 – Bride portraits
  • 15h15 – Reception Decor
  • 15h30 – Ceremony Decor
  • 15h45 – Guests arriving
  • 16h00 – Ceremony
  • 16h45 – Grand Exit
  • 17h00 – Group Portraits
  • 17h20 – Couples Portraits
  • 18h30 – Reception begins

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