We find ourselves having experienced 8 months of lockdown and we’re now in level 1, and with it, weddings are back. Yes there are regulations, but you can at least tie the knot with an actual wedding now.

The other downside to the effects of Covid-19 is that many couples now have an even tighter wedding budget and are having to re-evaluate their wedding day priorities. An often-overlooked option that works with lockdown regulations and is easier on the budget is to opt for a day wedding, and here’s six reasons why they’re awesome.

Day weddings typically cost less

The magic of a day wedding is it’s laid-back vibe lends itself to less decor, cheaper menu options, a lighter bar tab and needing less booked time for vendors like DJs and photographers. If you book your wedding close to home and book local vendors, you’ll also save on often overlooked travel expenses.

One word: Brunch

Everyone loves breakfast foods; think bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes and mimosas. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Equally good is that a brunch menu is not only a hit with your guests, but is easier on your wallet than a dinner menu.

Let there be light

As a photographer, I can tell you one reason why I love day weddings- the light! There’s typically ample natural light for photos, which is great especially if you prefer a more light and airy look for your wedding photos. If you book a good photographer, it means that they’ll be able to create couples portraits no matter the time of day.

Keeping it casual

Evening weddings mean getting all dolled up for both you and your guests. While it can be great fun, it’s almost always harder on everyone’s wallet. A day wedding, especially in spring and summer, means more comfortable clothes and more casual, simple wedding attire options for you and your partner. The laid-back vibe means a looser timeline where you have more freedom to go with the flow of the day, and everyone can be home long before curfew.

You can dance if you want to

Yes, you can! A common misconception about a day wedding is that it’s ceremony and brunch, and that’s it. Wrong! If you and your partner dance, your guests will dance. You can still do all the traditional activities of cutting the cake, bouquet and garter toss; you can even add in newer activities like wedding games.

The after-the-wedding is the best part

I’ve seen nearly 60 weddings from start to finish and almost every ‘traditional’ evening reception wedding is a crazy rush, and you actually spend very little of the day with your new spouse. A day wedding means you get the afternoon and beyond to just enjoy being with your partner as newly-weds, however you choose to spend that time.