Welcome to Your Portrait Experience!

I can’t wait to capture your most precious memories and create treasured images for you. Once you book, I begin the planning process for your session based on the information you gave in your booking form, and will be in touch throughout this process. In the meantime, to help you prepare for your session, you can read through this guide that details what to expect, what to wear and much more. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Before your Session

Contacting Me

I’m available to answer questions or reply to your messages between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and between 9am and 2pm on Saturdays with my office being closed on Sundays and public holidays. You’re welcome to chat about your session via email, whatsapp, my Facebook page or a good ol’ fashioned phone call during my office hours and I’ll be happy to help.


Planning Your Session

Every session I do is meticulously planned; from the styling, to the lighting, to posing and more. In order to plan your session though, I need to get to know you a bit and what you have in mind for your finished photos; something easily achieved by filling in a booking form right here on my website.

Studio Booking Form
Lifestyle Booking Form

Preparing for Your Session

What to Wear

In the late nineties a trend emerged: the family portrait with matching white t-shirts and denim jeans. Thankfully we’ve evolved stylistically since then and that trend should be left where it belongs- in the past. So what should you wear for your session?

  • Colour: This is the best place to start when deciding on wardrobe options. For summer, try the following pastels, muted tones and soft neutrals: blush, nude, rose, lavender, saffron yellow, cream, sand, tan, dove grey, cornflower blue, and maroon. In winter, go for richer tones that ‘pop’ against the brown toned landscape: deep purple, emerald green, navy, denim blue, maroon, deep red, slate grey, and saddle brown. For family and couples sessions, the trick is pulling off a co-ordinated look and not matchy-matchy; so choose similar tones and shades and not the exact same colour. And if you see bright colours, remember to go for muted shades and tones instead. if you’ve booked a studio session, then it leaves you open to choose any of the summer or winter colours.
  • Patterns, Logos & Prints: Your photos should have a timeless look where the focus is on you and your loved ones, not the gigantic logo running down the entire front of your husband’s shirt. If you want that polished look to your photos, remember NO logos, cartoon characters and large, bold print. Gingham check? Awesome! Petite floral print? So pretty, please wear! Tiny polka dots? Cool beans!
  • Fit: The key to looking great is wearing clothes that fit you great and show off your best features. For outdoor sessions ladies can go for something with a bit of drape and flow in the summer and play with layers in the winter. For the guys, a button up shirt paired with chino pants or shorts and closed shoes looks good no matter what. Studio sessions give women the chance to play with more dramatic looks; however if you feel stuck on what to wear, I’m always just a call or email away.
  • Accessories: Coco Chanel had it right when it comes to accessories: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Don’t go crazy on accessories and keep it simple opting for smaller jewellery items that don’t wear you, and scarves that fit your colour palette.

If you’ve booked a session for yourself in studio, then you’re welcome to bring along an outfit or two, or even a selection of wardrobe items so that I can create an unique look for you. I also have a few items in my studio wardrobe that we can mix-and-match.

Preparing for Makeup

Just as paint goes on better to a well prepared canvas, so it’s the same with makeup. With packages including complimentary makeup for one person, here are a few tips to ensure you will look amazing in your photos.

  • The days leading up to your session are not the time to try things like chemical peels, skin needling and other invasive facial treatments. Such treatments leave your skin sensitive and there’s no predicting how your skin will react to them, or whether it will be fully healed in time for your session.
  • If you’d like to do a skin mask, ensure you do so three days before your session so your skin has a chance to settle.
  • Exfoliate! Makeup goes on and looks much better on skin that’s freshly exfoliated, ideally the day before your session. Don’t forget your lips either, especially if you plan on wearing darker or shimmer/metallic lipsticks. For a healthy glow, give yourself a full body exfoliation and follow it up with plenty of moisturiser.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and to keep yourself well hydrated as well in the days leading up to your session.
  • When it’s time for your session, ensure you arrive with clean, makeup free skin.
  • Also remember that false lashes are not included in your complimentary makeup, so if you would like to wear a set you can bring along your own or pre-purchase a set with your session.

What to Bring with to your Session

Studio: I want your studio session to be a fun-filled, comfortable experience, so you’re welcome to send me the name/link of your favorite spotify playlist or bring along music loaded to your phone or a USB to play. Then based on the concept for your session, you can bring along your wardrobe items and accessories, along with anything you would need to adjust your hairstyle (hairbrush, bobby pins, ties etc).

Lifestyle: Unlike a studio session, there is nothing that you would need to bring with. The only exception would be baby shoes or any other similar items for a maternity session.

If you are at any point unsure if you would need to bring something to your session, whether in studio or outdoors, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Those Little Details

Everyone wants to look good in a photo, and that’s especially true for portrait sessions. The following tips will ensure you not only look your best, but feel it too.

  • Hair: Don’t do anything too drastic in the weeks leading up to your session date, just in case something goes wrong. Wash and style as you normally would or take the opportunity to get a blowout at the salon.
  • Facial Hair: Guys, if you typically shave then ensure you’re clean shaven. If you sport a beard, mustache or goatee, then make sure it’s neatly trimmed and combed through.
  • Nails: If you normally have your nails done professionally, then ensure you get yours done a few days before your session date. For the guys and those who prefer short, natural nails- be sure to give them a trim and scrub just before your session.
  • Bloat: No-one wants to look like they’re carrying a food-baby so try to avoid heavy, salty meals in the hours prior to your session. Being bloated makes you feel uncomfortable and it shows in your photos.

A Note for Parents

It happens all the time; your toddler may be an angel but come session time they don’t want to know a thing about being photographed. I know it can be stressful trying to capture the awesome little person you know they are, so here are a few tips to help:

  • If you toddler normally has an afternoon nap, try to schedule your session for after nap-time.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable in what they’re wearing.
  • Make sure your child is well-fed before your session and you’re welcome to bring some non-messy snacks and water with.
  • Talk to your child about the session ahead of time, telling them what you will be doing and how much fun it will be.
  • During your session the easiest way to get your child to smile naturally is to make them laugh. Urging them to smile never gives you a natural smile so by all means stand behind me and pull funny faces to get a giggle out of them.
  • Bribery is always an option, however make sure you have their favorite non-messy treat with you. It works much easier if your child can see their treat than to wait for the promise of it afterwards.

If all else fails and your child does not want to photographed, just take a deep breath and relax- nothing is ever perfect, no matter how much you want it to be.

If it Rains

As much as I keep tabs on multiple weather apps in the days leading up to your session, I can’t make any guarantees on the weather. If I can see that the weather is turning to rain in the hours leading up to your session, I’ll be in touch to discuss whether you’d like to still go ahead for your booking or reschedule to the next nearest available open booking.

What Happens at your Session

It’s finally session day! Ensuring you feel comfortable is my number one priority to ensure we get natural photos; so before we begin we have a chat about what we’ll be doing for your session. From there I’ll ease you into your session, guiding you to act naturally and interact with your environment and loved ones: Embrace your partner, feel the moment, hug your kids and let them be kids and explore. If we’re shooting in studio I will guide you into poses that show you at your absolute best and ensure you feel confident and relaxed. Before you know it, your session has wrapped and we have plenty of emotive portraits that capture you at your natural best.

After your Session

Social Media Preview

I know you’re excited and can’t wait to see a preview from your session. Within 48-72 hours of your session, I will upload a preview portrait to my social media for you. So be sure to pop by my Facebook page or ensure you have tagging enabled so I can tag you in your post, then there’s no chance you can miss it.

Your Online Gallery

With your portrait session wrapped, your photos are backed up with the best photos being selected and lightly edited. These are then uploaded to a private online gallery for you to view and select your photos for final editing and retouching; you’re guaranteed of receiving access to your selection gallery with 48-72 hours of your session.

Extra Digital Images

While you may have booked a package for a set amount of edited images, you’re also welcome to purchase additional images during the selection stage.

Purchasing Prints

When your completed gallery is ready you’re also welcome to purchase high quality prints like canvases, wood mounts, folio boxes and more via the built-in online store in your gallery. You will also still have your online store available for the duration that your gallery is online meaning you can purchase prints after final delivery too.


Gone are the days of CDs! Your photos will be uploaded in high resolution to a private online gallery within 10-14 days of receiving your selection. There they can be accessed by any device with an internet connection for the next 3 months. You can then easily download your photos, share to social media or invite friends and family to view your photos. If you’ve ordered canvases or other printed items, they will be ready to collect from my home studio within 7 to 10 workings days of receiving your order.


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