Lifestyle Sessions

Life is all about the little moments that, when strung together, tell the intimate story of your life and the loved ones in it. My lifestyle sessions are about capturing some of those little moments, authentically, naturally, freely, in an outdoor setting.

These sessions are about keeping an organic flow to capture how you and your loved ones naturally interact for photos that authentically tell your story. That means holding your partner tight, living in the moment and letting your kids be kids.

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Your Experience

Professional and unique to you, my ultimate goal from first contact through to final delivery is to craft an experience that makes you feel special. That means speedy responses to all communication, and ensuring all the info you need is given before you even have to ask a question. To promise an experience that is all about you, I prefer to plan your session based on details in your booking form. This guarantees your session runs smoothly and you get the images you envisioned.

What I Capture


When you observe a couple in love, there are these little moments that may seem small but speak volumes of the love they share. It’s in the way one will tenderly brush the other’s hair back, in the smiles that are only for each other and how they each know that home is in each other’s arms. It’s those seemingly little things that tell their story, your story, of two people who share an incredible connection; and it’s that which I love to capture.


There is a power to pregnancy. A woman goes through this incredible change to bring another life into this work; a life that will be loved and grow by her to become it’s own complete person. This all starts shrouded in mystery with the only way to see it’s beginnings in the beautiful bump that tells the world a remarkable journey is beginning. On some level, each mother realises this and is filled with this anticipation to meet the little life they’ve created, to get to know them and watch them grow.


The love of a family is not just in the hugs, but also in those little interactions they share. It’s in the way a mother snuggles her child and just breathes them in, or the patient father who marvels with their child when they discover the world around them. It’s those little things that you want to remember about your family as it grows: your child’s hands that were so tiny, their chubby toes loving the dirt and mud and the absolute wonder they had for everything new in the world.


They are your pride, your joy and your entire world; and yet they grow up so fast and change so quickly one year to the next. You want to hold on to them, slow time down and treasure how they are right now. It’s worth capturing how they are today so you have those tangible memories for tomorrow. Children 6 years and older.

Lifestyle Packages

  • copper
  • R 1 300

  • 20-30 minute session
  • 20 edited digital images
  • complimentary makeup*
  • online gallery
  • marble
  • R 1 800

  • 30-45 minute session
  • 30 edited digital images
  • complimentary makeup*
  • online gallery
  • onyx
  • R 2 300

  • 45-60 minute session
  • 40 edited digital images
  • complimentary makeup*
  • online gallery

*Complimentary makeup included in packages is for one person and includes false lashes.

The Details

How do I book? All you need to do is email or call 0790865779 during office hours to set your session date, time and package. Then, as is industry standard, all I require to secure your date and time slot is a 50% booking fee.

What happens at a session? Whether we’re working in studio or outdoors, my number one goal is to get you comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera- that’s the secret to gorgeous photos you’l love. We start off your session easing you into being in front of the camera as I guide you to pose naturally and interact with your loved ones. Before you know it your session is wrapped and I have plenty of images to sort through.

What happens after my session? With your session over, your photos are immediately backed up. From there comes the task of sorting through all your images and selecting all of the best images and giving them a light edit. Then I will create a private online gallery for you to view and select your images for final retouching; it’s also at this point you can purchase extra edited images and order prints. This is typically within 48-72 hours of your session.

When will I receive my photos? With having over a decade of experience in Adobe programs like Photoshop and Lightroom, I tend to edit and retouch fairly quickly ensuring a turnaround time of roughly 7-10 days from when you submit your portrait selection. Print products typically take between 10 and 14 days to manufacture and you’ll be contacted to collect as soon as they’re ready.


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