For years the humble CD reigned supreme as the default delivery method for client’s photos; then along came the USB. Memory sticks look amazing with all their branding options and give clients a more reliable storage option for their photos, albeit at a higher cost. However the times have changed once again.

Today we live in the cloud and while I’ve been hesitant to, I’ve finally moved with the times and switched to a professional digital delivery system for my client’s portraits. That means instead of outdated, unreliable CDs, your photos will now be delivered via a secure online gallery in high resolution and hosted for 12 months. That also means that I’m able to bring my costs down, and with that, my package prices as well.

A few benefits of switching to digital delivery include:

  • you can easily share your photos with friends and family no matter where you, or they, may be
  • you have access to your photos on any device wherever you are
  • you can download your high resolution photos or easily share them to Facebook
  • there’s no more hassles with arranging to collect a CD; as soon as your photos are ready they’re instantly accessible

Want to see my lowered package prices? Be sure to view my packages here or contact me with any queries on or 0790865779.