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That green haired photographer who does different just right

My story starts with a love for visual imagery that was founded in childhood, poring over my dad’s collection of National Geographic and photography books, and being raised in a family that valued art and creative expression. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I truly discovered and begun to nurture my love for photography and the visual arts; an on-going journey of courses, study, workshops and creative exploration. It was through that journey that I discovered my love for the way light has the ability to enhance a story; finding myself driven to creatively capture and tell the stories of everyday people.

Today, that journey goes on as I continue to blossom as a photographer and in other areas of life too. Much like the people I photograph, I value my family and home; taking my down time to spend with my children and husband or working in my garden, happily surrounded by my cats. My story is much like yours: I live and love with every bit I have to give, secure in who I am and what I stand, ready to endure the downs of life as much as I enjoy it’s ups.

my work

I love photos that capture people who are not afraid to live their truth, not somebody else’s; people who live and love in the present moment and want that moment to stand still forever. It’s that which drives me to create photos that capture a person’s character and connection to self, with a stylistic look that feels like it stands outside of conventional time. My portrait sessions are about getting you to connect with yourself, your partner and your children for photos that speak to who you are as a person.

Portrait Sessions

About You

Your Story

My photos may start with me pressing the shutter, but they end with you.

You who enjoys waking early to watch the sun rise, taking in the beauty of the moment. You who’s day is made bumping into your friends when shopping, because your friends are your everything; they’re your support net and like family to you. And that’s something that means the world to you- family. It’s your family that has helped to make you the warm, confident, sunny woman you are. A woman who’s comfortable in her own skin because she knows what she wants from life and knows that life is an amazing journey to be treasured, cherished and enjoyed. Just as you know that when it comes to your most precious memories, just like you, they are worthy of being captured in artful photos you can hold on to forever.

All of this is your story, your journey and you know that it’s no-one else’s but yours. So lets tell your story through photos that truly capture it. Why? Because you know your story is like you, unique and worthy of photos that show it.

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