Times change and in today’s digital age, they change pretty fast. One of those changes I’ve embraced is online digital gallery delivery for my clients, and now for my wedding clients too. Now I know some wedding clients may be hesitant of online photo delivery, thinking that good ‘ol USB or CD delivery is still the way to go. Well, let me change your mind:

  • Custom branded and handmade USB and CD sets don’t come cheap. This is an expense that is factored into package pricing and does push up the package fee; needless to say, a digital gallery doesn’t carry these costs, making packages more affordable.
  • Accidents happen. It’s all too easy to accidentally delete files from a USB or lose it altogether. That’s not an issue for online galleries as your precious photos are just a quick click away.
  • Typically, once your wedding photos are ready you have the option to collect from my studio or have them couriered if you live outside of Middelburg; this means more waiting for your wedding photos. With an online gallery, your photos can be delivered to you as soon as they’re ready wherever you are, even if you’re still on honeymoon.
  • You have to admit, the process of getting photos from your USB to your phone to share your photos isn’t exactly easy and takes up your time. With an online gallery, that whole process is non-existent as your photos can be easily shared with friends and family, and to social media platforms. Plus your photos are there on your phone, ready to show off within a few taps.
  • When it comes to sharing your photos, your gallery has an option to curate your photos, hiding the ones you prefer to be just for the two of you so they remain visible only to you. Having a download pin also means that you have full control over who can actually download your photos too. Additionally, your gallery is 100% password protected and hosted on secure servers; that means your photos are only visible to you and who you choose to share them with.
  • Within your gallery is an online store where you can easily order prints, canvases and albums without all the unnecessary back and forth via email, making the whole process simple and effortless.

Still not fully convinced? Then you’re always welcome to purchase a custom branded, handmade USB set as an add-on to your wedding package. This set includes a 16GB USB and 10x15cm memory box that you can store jumbo prints and trinkets from your special day.