As much as you wouldn’t expect your GP to do open heart surgery, and you wouldn’t go to a gynae for an ear infection (or so I hope!), so a similar sentiment rings true for photographers- we may all offer a core service, but that service is not the same from photographer to photographer.

Naturally, just as GP doctors are there to cover a bit of everything, so there are photographers who will document your baby shower and happily book a modeling portfolio the next day. Now it’s not to say that a shoot-all photographer can’t offer you great service and quality images, however the drawback to being a shoot-all photographer is that they’re so busy capturing a wide variety of subject matter, that they don’t really have the time or specialist equipment to dedicate to capturing a few genres really well.

I started off as a shoot-all photographer, ready to capture everything I could as I was simply so excited to be venturing into photography professionally and I wanted to try everything I could before deciding it’s not for me. Children’s parties, babies, cringe-worthy prop laden sessions- I shot it all! As much as I may look back on some of those photos and think, ‘man, what the hell was I thinking?’ I also can look back on them and know that particular genre is just not for me.

While I may get asked on a near daily basis for newborn sessions, despite not having a single newborn photo online anywhere ever, it’s a genre that is simply not for me. The same goes for baby, toddler and young family sessions, children’s parties and other events- those are areas where I have zero passion and no strengths, and surely that’s not what you want in a photographer?

Instead, I focus on my passions and strengths so that I can give you an experience and photos that you truly deserve. My heart sings when I get the chance to photograph a woman who felt she was unworthy of having the attention being solely on her, who felt unattractive, and showing her that she is in fact drop-dead gorgeous. Seeing her confidence blossom through a session and her smile with every preview I show throughout- love it!

I love getting couples to connect with one another and just get all loved up in front of the camera, and then showing them those little moments that are so ordinary for them, but speak volumes to the love they have for each other. The same goes for maternity clients who are so excited to meet the new addition to their family, as I give a woman who probably hasn’t felt too great throughout her pregnancy, a chance to look and feel beautiful and special. Don’t even get me started on studio portraiture, fine art and weddings!

I know I say “I love…” so much, but it’s simply because that’s where my passions lie and it’s the work that sets my soul alight. While style and your budget are large factors, it’s that driving force and connection to a specific genre that should be a deciding factor when you’re looking to book a photographer, as it’ll be their passion to create the images you’ll love not just for today, but for years to come.


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