For the longest time I have found inspiration in art, with quite a few paintings that have just really ‘stuck’ in my mind. One such artwork is Sir John Everett Millais’ painting, Ophelia; based on the character of the same name from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Whether it’s the water, the flowers or the forlorn expression on the young woman’s face; it’s a painting that is just beautiful and I’ve always wanted to explore some of those elements in my work.

Having made the decision to be more creative this year, an Ophelia-inspired session was definitely a must. So this week I made the plunge and together with my 2018 brand ambassador, Elzaane, we created something beautiful in studio. Yes, you read correct- in studio is where we created these images!



If you’d like to see yourself as the beautiful woman you are, surrounded my floating flowers and wading in water, then email me on or call 0790865779 during office hours to book your own session.