“A flower blossoms for it’s own joy.” – Oscar Wilde

I consider myself lucky to have a really close-knit group of friends who also happen to be photographers. Over the years they’ve heard some of my more, shall we say, outlandish ideas for photoshoots. Then sometimes, they do more than just listen, they put themselves in front of the camera for a change to try some of my ideas out. One of those recent ventures was the Flower Fields concept.

With having had my awesomely talented photographer/makeup artist friend and her daughter in front of my lens, it was time to try more. Luckily, my equally other awesome photographer friend volunteered her adorable daughters.

With the Flower Fields concept proving to be a hit, it was time for one more session in studio, this time with the gorgeous Milné. Reinette van Dyk of Joli Visage Makeup Artistry did a stunning rose gold inspired look and we then got to creating some beautifully feminine photos.


If you’ve fallen in love with these sessions like I have, you can contact info@bronwynkatzkephotography.co.za to book your own.