Those that know me, know that I am a crazy cat lady. I love cats and knowing that there are cats out there who are suffering breaks my heart; no joke, but I can’t even watch the intro of Keanu without getting misty eyed at the idea of a kitty without food and a warm bed.

It’s that love for cats that has had me fostering feral kittens for the past 18 months and let me tell you: it is hard, it is expensive and it can break your heart. While I’ve had my successes in walking sickly kittens on the long road of recovery, I’ve also had to experience the devastating loss of having to euthanise a kitten that was just too ill to survive. That’s why I take my hat off to the people of Feral Care Friends Middelburg who do the hard work of caring for our local feral cat colonies.

Felix was raised with every intent to re-home him, but this little guy crept into my heart and stayed.

As part of their plan to better manage Middelburg’s feral cat population, this amazing organisation has the goal of sterilizing 100 cats; but this doesn’t come cheap. It costs R500 for a male cat to be neutered and R750 for a female cat to be spayed, with both receiving testing for Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia as well as vaccinations. However when you realise that a breeding pair of feral cats could potentially produce 420 000 kittens over a 7 year period, you can see the importance in a trap-sterlize-return program.

Naturally, I want to help Feral Care Friends Middelburg reach their goal and you can help too. On the 14 and 15 October I will be hosting a special mini-session weekend with ALL proceeds going to Feral Care Friends Middelburg’s Steri-drive. These packages are available for couples, small family, individual and maternity sessions and my maternity clients are even welcome to wear dresses from my collection for free:

TOM CAT Package – R575

  • 15-20 minute outdoor session
  • 12 fully edited photos on CD
  • black & white duplicates
  • low resolution duplicates

QUEEN CAT Package – R825

  • 20-30 minute outdoor session
  • 20 fully edited photos on CD
  • black & white duplicates
  • low resolution duplicates

Spaces are limited for these heavily discounted packages; to book your time slot and package contact or 0790865779 (during office hours).