As women, it’s something we toss into our shopping basket without a second thought, but for many young girls it’s the difference between getting an education or missing school for something they have no control over. It’s estimated that over 2 million young girls in South Africa can not afford proper sanitary products for their menstrual cycle, with many of them either missing up to a week of school, or resorting to using rags or newspaper. However, their struggle doesn’t end there. Due to a lack of education and myths on puberty and menstruation, many of these young girls also have to contend with unnecessary stigma.

With August been Women’s Month and being lucky enough to have a platform to help, I’m supporting a fantastic local organisation- The Red Dot Project. Run by a phenomenal group of inspired women, this local project collects sanitary projects for underprivileged girls in local communities, as well as providing them with education and resources about their menstrual cycle.

To help raise donations for The Red Dot Project I’ll be hosting a special Red Dot Weekend on the 5 and 6 of August. In exchange for a donation of sanitary towels you can book your own outdoor mini session, whether it be for yourself, your family, a couples session, maternity session or friendship session. All you have to do to book is pick your time slot and drop off your donation- easy-peasy!


  • 20 minute outdoor session
  • 15 high resolution digital photos on CD
  • low resolution duplicates
  • black & white duplicates
  • professional editing

Typically, this mini package would be worth R900; that works out to a whopping 20 double packs of sanitary towels. Yet, all I ask for in exchange for your mini session is a minimum of five double packs of sanitary towels; enough to help at least two girls for one month and costing you a third of your sessions worth. You’ll also have the option to purchase additional photos from a private online gallery with all profits going to Feral Care Friends Middelburg to help them reach their goal of sterilizing 70 feral cats.

For more details or to book your time slot, contact or call 0790865779 during office hours- I’d love to hear from you!