After booking, it’s the number one question my clients ask: “what should I wear?” You look on Pinterest for inspiration and everyone looks so well put together, but you just feel a bit stumped on how to pull off that whole look.

While I do encourage my clients to ask me what works for them and the location they’ve set, here are a few tips to ensure you look camera ready.


The trick is to choose a colour that works well for the location you’ve chosen. Generally, in summer you’ve got green trees and veld so working with pastels, muted tones and soft neutrals is best; think: blush, nude, rose, lavender, saffron yellow, cream, sand, tan, dove grey, cornflower blue, and maroon. Come winter time and there’s golden veld and bare branches that richer tones just ‘pop’ against: deep purple, emerald green, navy, denim blue, maroon, deep red, slate grey, and saddle brown.

The trick is pulling off a co-ordinated look and not matchy-matchy is to choose similar tones and shades and not the exact same colour, especially for couples and family sessions- let’s leave the white t-shirt and denim jeans in the early 2000’s where it belongs. And if you see bright colours, remember to go for muted shades and tones instead.

Patterns, Prints & Logos

Your photos should have a timeless look where the focus is on you and your loved ones, not the gigantic logo running down the entire front of your husband’s shirt. If you want that polished look to your photos, remember NO logos, cartoon characters and large, bold print. Gingham check? Awesome! Petite floral print? So pretty, please wear! Tiny polka dots? Cool beans!


Coco Chanel had it right when it comes to accessories: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Don’t go crazy on accessories and keep it simple opting for smaller jewellery items that don’t wear you, and scarves that fit your colour palette.


So it’s not exactly clothing, but you do wear it and it has a big impact on your finished photos. Ladies, even if you’re not the type to normally wear makeup at least do a few waves with the mascara wand and a touch of natural-toned lipstick- it makes all the difference. Otherwise, I would highly recommend booking a makeup artist for a day look for your photoshoot; she’ll give you an amazing confidence boost and you’ll look your best for your session.